Business Psychology – The Passion of Serving Others

Take it from someone who has tried and failed in starting and operating a business only motivated by the possibility of profits… get out while you still haven’t lost your shirt. Let me set the context a little here. While in grad school for business, I was taught from a corporate perspective on how and […]

change the inside to change the outside

Business Marketing – So You Want to Do Business?

When I think about business marketing, I think of when I wrote my first eBook back in 2013… and boy, was it a labor of love. I had the thought of writing and putting it out via Amazon Kindle for about a year prior to completing it. What initially sparked my interest (and really motivated […]

Consulting Business from the Inside – Freelancing for Business

Probably in 2010, I finally got serious about my consulting business. Up until this point, I had worked on several ‘freelancing’ projects to establish my work and brand within the local market. Back when I started in 2008, I didn’t know anything about freelance work. Honestly, this term did not come into vogue until around […]

Income Statement Analysis – Return on Investment

I have to admit, in thinking about writing this post on income statement analysis, I kept thinking about the old Bone Thugs N Harmony song, ‘Look into My Eyes’ (and just for s$%# and giggles, check out the YouTube video below… I couldn’t resist) While in school, I was taught to look and analyze an […]


Income Statement Basics

WHAT IS THE INCOME STATEMENT? In today’s post, we’re are discussing the basics of the Income Statement and how they help in guiding the strategic decisions of business owners. As a major fan of NBA basketball, I’ve come to appreciate the ‘data’ behind the game. Now days, teams are constantly trying to improve and gain […]