Consulting Business from the Inside – You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

As I write this post, I’m coming off of working a late night. I took on a part time job about three months ago to supplement the earnings from my consulting business. I love it, but it’s opened my eyes to some things that I became blind to over the years. One of the main […]

Consulting Business from the Inside – Freelancing for Business

Probably in 2010, I finally got serious about my consulting business. Up until this point, I had worked on several ‘freelancing’ projects to establish my work and brand within the local market. Back when I started in 2008, I didn’t know anything about freelance work. Honestly, this term did not come into vogue until around […]

Consulting Business From the Inside – Part Two

Now that we got the foundation set (see Consulting Business from the Inside – Part One), let’s fast forward to 2008… I got myself fired from the bank. Long story short, I thought I knew more than what I knew. I didn’t want to humble myself to new management and presto, I got fired. As […]

Consulting Business from the Inside – Part One

In 2004 when I began my MBA coursework at UTC, the chic business industry to be in was consulting. At the time, I was working at the bank as a commercial banking associate and I had no idea what being a consultant was. Even though I had no idea what being a consultant was, but […]

Jericho Business Advisors

Jericho Business Advisors HELLO WORLD!!! My name is Pierre Pinkerton and I’m a reformed former commercial banker. My purpose in presenting this blog to the world is to tell my story in terms of how and why my life’s motivation changed from wanting to become a hot shot commercial banker to my role with Jericho […]