Business Psychology – The Passion of Serving Others

Take it from someone who has tried and failed in starting and operating a business only motivated by the possibility of profits… get out while you still haven’t lost your shirt. Let me set the context a little here. While in grad school for business, I was taught from a corporate perspective on how and […]

Business Psychology – Get Out of Your Own Head

I love reading, hearing, watching, talking, and doing business. No doubt about it. However, out of these action verbs about business, the most important is DOING. In learning and applying the truths of business psychology, let’s talk about DOING business. First, a little context. We’re taught from an early age (in a subtle way) that […]

Business Psychology – Intro

Geez, if you would have told me back in undergrad that I would have to learn psychology as a part of learning about business, I would’ve said that you were crazy, crazy, crazy. Due to my ignorance at the time, and in moments now when I forget that business is about people, I had the […]