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EBook Publishing Strategies for Improving Success

Ebook publishing gone wrong. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and concede on one ebook that turned out to be a total disaster. It’s been a little over two years since I last published an ebook… and again, it was and remains horrible. The name of the ebook is “Business Loan Packaging Made Easy: Insider […]


Greetings friends!!!! Hope you’re having an AWESOME AND AMAZING DAY, WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR!!! It’s OFFICIAL… the eBook is completed. If you or anyone you know of is in the market for a business loan, then I highly recommend the eBook which is titled, “How to get a Business Loan from a Banker’s Perspective.”  The […]

Credit Underwriting – EYES WIDE OPEN!!!

Last post (“Credit Policy – Slaying the Monster!!!”) was about my first days at the bank. Geez, even when I think of those days now; a smile comes across my face. I say this in all modesty because truly I did not appreciate the privilege of credit underwriting at the bank until I matured in both mind […]