internal control

Internal Control – Who’s Really in Control?

“Garbage in, Garbage out…” These words never ring more true than when assessing the Internal Control strength, accuracy, and quality of the financial and operating reports of a business. The mistake I made in the early portion of my professional career in analyzing various financial and operating reports was to accept at face value the […]

accounting info system

The Importance of an Accounting Info System

WHAT IS AN ACCOUNTING INFO SYSTEM? In today’s post we will begin our journey in discussing and understanding the power of analyzing financial statements by observing the importance of a business’s accounting info system. The accounting info system is the ‘safeguard’ for insuring that financial statements are presented with sound and accurate data. Information is […]

Liabilities on the Balance Sheet

“the key in business is to use more than you’re used…”, says an old sage. These words ever ring true in talking about liabilities. In today’s post, we’ll talk about the Liabilities section of the balance sheet. Our goal: get a better handle on the term ‘leverage’. So, as they say in the ol’ West, […]


Hello friends!!!!!!!!! I just couldn’t stay away until next week to continue the journey with you all. Thus I thought it appropriate to add a post for the weekend to hold us over until next week. Today, we’ll talk about how my first journey into the world of accounting.   Cool beans… I’m a working […]

Finance Roots are Planted!!!

Hello world!!!!! I thought I’d begin an entry in the Jericho Business Advisors blog site to explain how I was captivated by the world of finance and specifically how I discovered my passion of financial analysis. I began my professional financial services career as a third shift night auditor of a five star hospitality resort […]