Liabilities on the Balance Sheet

“the key in business is to use more than you’re used…”, says an old sage. These words ever ring true in talking about liabilities. In today’s post, we’ll talk about the Liabilities section of the balance sheet. Our goal: get a better handle on the term ‘leverage’. So, as they say in the ol’ West, […]

Hey, We’re Workin’… Over Here!!!

  Good day… well, late evening (at least to the US audience) 🙂 While I’m sitting here enjoying a cerveza, I’m motivated to finish off our discussion and analysis of the asset section of the balance sheet. If you recall, the current theme has been giving guidance and a solid foundation to business finance from […]

In Other Current News…

Happy Weekend to you and thanks for reading. Today we’re going to dive head first into learning about the rest of the asset section of the balance sheet. I thought I had better get the post out of the way before getting to the “HONEY DO LIST” (all of my married readers know what I […]