Income Statement Analysis – Return on Investment

I have to admit, in thinking about writing this post on income statement analysis, I kept thinking about the old Bone Thugs N Harmony song, ‘Look into My Eyes’ (and just for s$%# and giggles, check out the YouTube video below… I couldn’t resist) While in school, I was taught to look and analyze an […]

internal control

Internal Control – Who’s Really in Control?

“Garbage in, Garbage out…” These words never ring more true than when assessing the Internal Control strength, accuracy, and quality of the financial and operating reports of a business. The mistake I made in the early portion of my professional career in analyzing various financial and operating reports was to accept at face value the […]

free cash flow

Free Cash Flow Analysis

WHAT IS FREE CASH FLOW? One of my favorite and highly recommended books for entrepreneurs at all stages of the business cycle is Lifeblood: How Successful Business Owners Achieve Wealth¬†by Sam Frowine. One of the many highlights of this body of work focuses on the importance of truly understanding the dynamics of a business’s free […]

liquidity ratios

Liquidity Ratios – Can You Weather the Storm?

LIQUIDITY RATIOS – WHAT ARE THEY?¬† In today’s post as we continue our series on Financial Statement Analysis, we discuss Liquidity Ratios and how your understanding of them can positively impact you and your business. Now that we have talked about how important a sound accounting system is and the degree that the transaction information […]