Consulting Business from the Inside – You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

As I write this post, I’m coming off of working a late night. I took on a part time job about three months ago to supplement the earnings from my consulting business. I love it, but it’s opened my eyes to some things that I became blind to over the years. One of the main things is self discipline.

self discipline, consulting

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In 2010, when I finally got serious about my consulting business, Jericho Business Advisors, I thought I had it all nailed down. Aside from thinking how easy it would be to get clients (yeah, right, who was I kidding…) without marketing, selling, or even networking; I thought I could manage and direct my time without any issues. Boy, was I in for a shocker.

I’ve managed and oversaw people before in other jobs I had. When it came to myself, I thought it was a piece of cake. Now, for context, I didn’t keep a regular day planner, hardly if ever balanced my checking account, and didn’t believe in taking notes for anything. In addition to learning how to market and sell my consulting services, I also discovered that I had to learn how to manage MYSELF!!!

What I learned about my lack of self discipline really unsettled me a bit. For starters, I was pretty lazy (I can here my wife agreeing with me on this one). What I mean is that I often found myself in front of the TV watching NBA TV or ESPN for hours. Sure, there were things I could have been doing to build my practice, but I didn’t do them. To solve this issue, I intentionally trained myself to turn the TV off. I started with ten minute intervals at first then increased to hours and sometimes days. Next, I bought a day planner and began tracking my time. In addition to meetings, I began to also write down tasks that I wanted to accomplish such as completing a book by a certain date or attending a specific networking event.

self discipline, consulting

To this day, I’m still refining how I structure my time to become even more disciplined in building the practice and ultimately my life. Just because you make the decision to start a business doesn’t mean you stop taking inventory of yourself. Continue to find ways to improve your self discipline. It helps not only in making you more effective and efficient, but it also helps in leading and directing others.

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