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Business Marketing – So You Want to Do Business?

When I think about business marketing, I think of when I wrote my first eBook back in 2013… and boy, was it a labor of love. I had the thought of writing and putting it out via Amazon Kindle for about a year prior to completing it. What initially sparked my interest (and really motivated me to finish the eBook) was my discovery of Internet Marketing. Oh yeah, if you’d like to check out the eBook, you can click below and get it. It’s only $0.99…

During this time, I was floundering through my consulting business trying to figure out what the market would pay for. Then, that’s when IT happened. I was reading a book, The LapTop Millionaire, about the various tools utilized in the Internet Marketing industry. Honestly, I was looking to make a quick buck with this new found gold rush… but, again, IT happened and boy, I’m glad it did.

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For most of my working years, I’d been an employee working for corporations. When I made the decision to become self employed, I had no idea what marketing and sales were about. Granted, while getting my MBA, I had taken a marketing class, but it was more about marketing from a corporate viewpoint. It was great content, but really not all that helpful when I needed to apply it to my business. Well, while writing the eBook in 2013 and reading the The LapTop Millionaire, I discovered that I was completely ignorant to the tools, methods, and principles of marketing and sales from a street level perspective. I hate being ignorant especially when it’s something that I can help. So, that started my journey on becoming ‘schooled’ in the practical tools, methods, and principles of marketing and sales from the street.

I started reading every book I could find on sales and marketing (that weren’t too old), watching YouTube videos and reading the books of sales gurus such as Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, Dale Carnegie, etc. I also listened to podcasts on sales and marketing. After I saturated myself with these beacons of knowledge and understanding on marketing and sales, something weird happened. My mindset began to change and become more positive and refined. It didn’t occur all at one time, but it became easier and less restrictive to discuss my services with potential clients and find the ‘fit’ if there was one and ultimately close the deal.

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