How Does Productivity Work in a Small Business

As I sat in thinking about writing this post, I could not help but think about Radric Davis and Percy Miller. What the??? Who the??? you may be asking. Well, you may know them by their stage names of Gucci Mane and Master P. What do these individuals have in common with productivity especially in the context of small business? A WHOLE LOT actually!!! Read on and learn a little something. But first, if you don’t know about these two guys, here’s a lil’ taste.

Ok, when you listen to this track, you probably are thinking, what in the world??? Yeah, I even admit that Gucci Mane’s lyrics are a little hard to swallow at times (OK, most of the time), but based on the life experiences I’ve lived through, I can completely identify with him on many levels. I digress… From a business perspective both Gucci Mane and Master P are the models for achieving high productivity in your business. If you do your research, you will see that they both utilized a tireless work ethic to achieve the status and wealth that they experience to a large degree today.

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It’s not my intent to rehearse the background story for both of these guys, but only to highlight some things I’ve learned from them when it comes to being productive in business.

Lesson No. 1: Believe In Yourself No Matter What: the strongest word to focus on here is ‘belief’. It’s hard to describe, but when you truly believe you can do something, it becomes possible. Now it may take work and perseverance to get to where you may see yourself, but with belief, you’ll get there. It took me close to five years to really believe that I could do consulting and do it profitably. Trust me, it’s not enough to have the technical know how. You must BELIEVE!!!

Lesson No. 2: Take Failures in Stride and Don’t Quit: Compare Master P and Gucci Mane to where they began and where they are today and it’s almost looking at two different people. Same with us. I kind of wish I kept a journal back in the early days of learning how to do a consulting business just to compare with my thoughts today. Completely different. What was the difference? I didn’t let failure stop me although I considered quitting on several occasions. After licking my wounds, I kept on ticking along and learning what really works.

Lesson No. 3: Always Give the Client (or Customer) What They Want: You want to talk about getting out of your own head; these guys did it with gusto. Both Gucci Mane and Master P sold CDs of music out of their cars often traveling to markets far away from their hometowns. Why? Because they learned what the market wanted and created what they wanted to purchase. They didn’t stop at identifying what the market wanted… they went to the market and made the sale easy. Wow!!! Trust me; these guys don’t get enough business credit.


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