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Probably in 2010, I finally got serious about my consulting business. Up until this point, I had worked on several ‘freelancing’ projects to establish my work and brand within the local market. Back when I started in 2008, I didn’t know anything about freelance work. Honestly, this term did not come into vogue until around 2013 or 2014 with the advent of Fiverr and other freelancing websites. We knew this type of work by another name: independent contracting or term (project) employment. I was rebuilding myself into truly understanding how the ‘freelancing’ lifestyle worked.

Up until I was fired from the bank in 2008, I had always had a W2 job or worked for someone else as an employee. Rarely had I ever heard of working for yourself or being self-employed. All my life, I watched my mother and father work for corporations as employees and no one ever explained to me how business works let alone working for yourself. So, when I went into business as a consultant, I had a lot to learn about DOING business for yourself.

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One of the first lessons I learned was that if you don’t market and sale your services, no one will know that you exist let alone do business with you. Also, getting business and letting others know what you offer is not as scary or hard as you may think. The biggest hurdle I had to get over in this area was dealing with rejection.

Here’s what eventually helped me get over the hump in terms of my fear in letting people know what I did and how I could help them: getting over myself and not taking rejection of my services personally. All rejection in business tells you is that either 1) your services or products were not a good fit for the client’s need(s) or 2) the timing was not right. One of the sales and marketing training courses that really help me understand this was Frank Rumbauskas’ Never Cold Call Again book and course (click here or the image below to get these resources… they ACTUALLY WORK).

I must admit, Frank catches a lot of unnecessary hate and for what reason I don’t know. The guy actually makes a lot of common sense and HIS STUFF WORKS. I confess openly that I implemented maybe 2 of his tactics and they worked like a charm. What’s the moral of what I’m telling you in this post: get productive, action oriented, and talk to people about what you do and get some business.

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