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EBook Publishing Strategies for Improving Success

Ebook publishing gone wrong. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and concede on one ebook that turned out to be a total disaster. It’s been a little over two years since I last published an ebook… and again, it was and remains horrible. The name of the ebook is “Business Loan Packaging Made Easy: Insider Tips to Maximum Leverage” and in looking back over it… I’m almost to the point of being ashamed. For those of you who will click on this link, I give you a warning: it’s really PRETTY AWFUL. You might then ask, ‘hey, man, what’s the catch then?’ Here’s the catch: we will use it as a case study in exploring 2 Strategies for Improving Ebook Publishing Success. This post is targeted to anyone that has an ‘itch’ to write and publish an ebook. Do yourself a favor, invest $0.99 and buy the ebook, and learn what not to do.


In creating the structure for this ebook, I made a very costly mistake that you need to avoid. Honestly, it’s the second time I’ve made it: instead of listening, watching, and understanding what the market wanted, I decided what I wanted to write about. BIG MISTAKE!!! A fundamental foundation of business success is providing products and / or services that the market ACTUALLY WANTS… not what I think they want. How do you go about accomplishing this? Here are several points of direction to keep you from avoiding this mistake and thus costing you precious time and resources:

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  • Use free online resources to conduct market research such as Amazon, YouTube, online forums, Facebook Groups, magazines, newspapers, Google Keyword Tool
  • Select a market that’s robust with a mid to high level of competitive activity in addition to something that you’re passionate about
  • Set a firm deadline (a minimum of 3 days to no more than 5 days) for creating the ebook outline

Once you are confident in the market research that you conducted and the ebook outline that you’ve generated, then it’s time to further test. I recommend that you write a minimum of 3 articles (150 – 200 words an article) on the ebook topic and post to several ezine sites in addition to creating a YouTube video with a screencast of at least 5 slides about a section in the ebook. Now, sit back and wait a minimum of 5 days. On the 6th day, check and analyze the number of views generated for both the articles and YouTube video. Based on the results, either move forward and finish the ebook or revise based on comments provided. Another great testing tool is using Google AdWords.


Another clear penalty that I’m guilty of in writing Business Loan Packaging Made Easy was that my communication of providing relevant and valuable solutions to pain points was not clear. This came as a result of the first BIG MISTAKE of not really knowing the pain points of the target audience. I guess you could say that I had ‘blinders’ on. I’ve read and witnessed that the best salepeople are those that not only understand the pain points of their clients, but also offer practical solutions that their products and / or services provide to help eliminate the client’s pain points. How do you go about creating and offering practical solutions to your client’s pain points? It all boils down to understanding the ‘need’ of your clients. Understanding takes time and effort, and that’s why it’s important for you to spend the necessary time investment doing market research.


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